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When submitting a quote 

Please be as specific as you can:

1. Specify the design (ex. logo, web, packaging, business cards etc.)

2. Submit examples: (ex. images, inspirations, website if you have one etc)

3. Include colors you would like, possible icons, all expectations

4. Expected finish date

5. Are printing services needed, if so how many copies do you need?


Once a client has approved their artwork and the final payment has been submitted, I can no longer take responsibility for any errors or misrepresentation within the artwork.  It is highly encouraged that all artwork is reviewed before submitting payment.  If changes need to be made after payment has been submitted, the project will be considered a "New Project" and a new quote will be issued.  


I inform all customers before sending their artwork to print.  Once prints have been made I can no longer accept changes to a client's project. If there is a need for "Reprint," a new printing charge will be submitted and will be added to the remainder fee upon delivery of work.

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